Tarel has been offering vehicle repair services for over 10 years now. Our skilled mechanics provide a quick and efficient job. This is ensured by keeping up-to-date with the latest modifications and the newest diagnostics tools.

Due to our large collaboration system with various spare-parts suppliers, we can offer our customers both A-class spare-parts that are recommended by the manufacturer, but also the price friendly B-class spare-parts. The aim is to provide, as appropriate, the best price-quality ratio.

Work hour 38.- € / h
(electrical work, diagnostics, transmission repair, engine repair, etc)

reading error codes   25.-
Work hour with your spare parts 45.- € / h

Adjusting the bridge 45.- €
Adjustment of two bridges 50.- €
Performance check of air-conditioning, recharge included from 65.-
Chassis control 20.-
Welding 38.- € / h
Oil change, with oil and filter purchased from us Free

Please feel free to contact us for a price inquiry! We look foward to seeing you!

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